Do you need a PhD to be pretty?

Most of our beauty products are, at their essence, quite simple – if you look at your stash of makeup, and notice that much of it is pigments ground into cakes or blended into creams and liquids, it’s not difficult to recognize how we humans have been painting and primping ourselves since back in the stone age.

The Definitive Guide To Understanding Collagen Supplements

Ingestible beauty is no longer a trend: it’s here to stay. The link between diet and skin has long been respected, but these days, we’re interested not only in eating well, but in supplementing our diets with even more. With the proliferation and popularity of these supplement products, all the details about how, when, and why to use everything is so confusing, you might just go cross-eyed. Just try googling “collagen supplements,” or worse, “best collagen supplements” and you may run for the hills in confusion.